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Welcome to

Welcome to . This site has been created as part of “My Daddy Matters Because…”, also known as the National Project Fund on Fathering that is funded by Health Canada's National Project Fund. The primary purpose of this site is to provide information for people who are developing and managing Father programs in their communities.

You will find a searchable user-friendly national index of father activities, services, resources, and programs: this Index contains information about activities, services, resources, and programs that exist for fathers coast-to-coast. The organization of the User Index allows the user to search for information either by geographic location of the activities, services, resources, and programs or by the type of father that is served. There is also a Adobe Acrobat version of this database for download. (Click here to get Adobe Acrobat reader)

You will also find the project’s 'Father Toolkit' that contains much of the current research and practical information you will need to either become more father-friendly or to develop activities, services, resources, and programs for fathers in your project or agency.

You may be interested in taking a look at the Social Marketing Tools, including posters, radio and television spots. These are available on the site too.

Finally, this site contains Links to Resources for Dads: if you’re interested in knowing more about Fathering Programs and about web-based communities on the subject of Fathering, follow these links.